Almost immediately after being purchased, the sinister pages resurface. Director John Landis acquires the pages to inspire him during the filming of his segment on the TWILIGHT ZONE movie adaptation. In July, actor Vic Morrow and two young actors are tragically killed on the set of the film. Landis endures years of legal difficulties as a result. Now, in much the same manner as they did in New York, the pages circulate through Hollywood. Dennis Wilson, drummer of the famed Beach Boys, acquires the artwork and drowns shortly after Christmas in 1983. The pages from the grimoire again disappear into obscurity after the death of Wilson.


More pages from the mysterious grimoire immediately resurface in the possession of John “Sid Vicious” Beverly at the time of his death early that year. It is rumored he was attempting to utilize the book in an effort to resurrect his recently murdered lover, Nancy Spungen. The Vicious Pages, as they become known, begin to circulate throughout Greenwich Village and Manhattan in the occult rocker cliques. The partial text gains a reputation as being cursed following John Lennon’s death in December of 1980, shortly after touching the pages at a gallery showing. The pages are rumored to have been purchased as art by former Black Sabbath front man, John “Ozzy” Osbourne, in 1981. The Cthulhuian images on the pages become the alleged inspiration for the song “Diary of A Madman,” as well as other titles on the album of the same name. After Osbourne’s friend and guitarist, Randy Rhoads, tragically passes away in plane crash in 1982, the pages are donated to a charity auction. They sell to a single, anonymous bidder for under half the initial asking cost.


Pages from a mysterious occult text, seen throughout this historical narrative, are found in the Jungle Room of Graceland with the dead Elvis Presley. He is discovered hanging from the ceiling by his intestines. In fear that public knowledge of these items would stain The King’s legacy, Ginger Alden covers up the true nature of Presley’s death from the media. He hides the pages, along with other occult artifacts. Among the items, there is an obsidian mirror. A wax mannequin replaces the mutilated body of the music legend during his funeral. At a secret auction in 1979, The pages and mirror are purchased by a private collector.


We see the end of a two year legal battle over custody of The Black Crystal Skull when the relic is sequestered from the Smithsonian by the Bloom Estate in early November. The Estate executor, Joey Allen, returns to his home in Dallas, Texas with the artifact. It remains in his home for much of the next decade, with the exception of the summer of 1966, wherein Mr. Allen loans the skull to the University of Austin’s archeological program for study. In fall of 1976, Mr. Allen passes away from natural causes. The Black Crystal Skull is found shattered in Allen’s study, temporarily ending a 53 year old mystery.


While investigating the crash of flight N3794N in February, CAB officials discover the rusted remains of a car, submerged in the frozen waters of a creek outside of Clear Lake, Iowa. Inside the car are two bodies and The Black Crystal Skull. The skull was turned over to the Smithsonian, wherein a small fissure was discovered on the previously pristine artifact. The bodies have never been identified.


As the war in Europe winds down, President Truman closes the door on the United States government’s involvement in occult matters. Dozens of artifacts are returned to museums and their respective owners. The Black Crystal Skull disappears from an Army depot before the sinister item can find its way back to the Bloom Estate. There were no witnesses to the crime, although the desiccated remains of a duo of soldiers are found during a search for the missing relic. An investigation finds no evidence of what killed the soldiers, nor does it locate the missing skull. The deceased’s families each received urns containing their cremated remains. It is unknown if the ashes were singularly those of their loved one.