More pages from the mysterious grimoire immediately resurface in the possession of John “Sid Vicious” Beverly at the time of his death early that year. It is rumored he was attempting to utilize the book in an effort to resurrect his recently murdered lover, Nancy Spungen. The Vicious Pages, as they become known, begin to circulate throughout Greenwich Village and Manhattan in the occult rocker cliques. The partial text gains a reputation as being cursed following John Lennon’s death in December of 1980, shortly after touching the pages at a gallery showing. The pages are rumored to have been purchased as art by former Black Sabbath front man, John “Ozzy” Osbourne, in 1981. The Cthulhuian images on the pages become the alleged inspiration for the song “Diary of A Madman,” as well as other titles on the album of the same name. After Osbourne’s friend and guitarist, Randy Rhoads, tragically passes away in plane crash in 1982, the pages are donated to a charity auction. They sell to a single, anonymous bidder for under half the initial asking cost.