Proving to us that horror has no boundaries, Naseema Perveen is here to tell you about Salem Season 2, episode 8 on her blog…


It’s not a science fair, but a witch war! The war of the witches continues on another episode, “Dead Birds” on your favorite show which consumes you throughout the hour with its excellent story line, perfect plots and the rich cast.

With more magic, tricks and the twists Salem Season 2 Episode 8 engages you throughout the hour. Did you notice when Anne was dreaming of ‘him’. At once he appears in front of her, it was then she started trembling continuously. Anne was thinking that he was in her bed room in order to release her virginity, however he was not there to lose virginity of a pale and a diffident girl however he was there to take the book of his father which her mother gave back in the past. She asks him to leave the place and tells that gentle men do not enter into women’s bedrooms this way.

Meanwhile John’s love with his mother and compassion is heart touching. The magical journey of John is getting more noticeable. He feels lonelier than before, he cannot go outside and plays like the other children. It was really heart breaking to see tears in his eyes and to see the way he hugs his mother and begs her not to let him alone.


As Mary steps back to John’s bed, she sees the killed birds in his bed and asks him what is that all. John answers that it was because they fly into his bed, his mother is quite astonished and wraps them in the sheet and comes down stairs where she meets the lady. She tells that John must be watched all the time but Mary answers that he is fine now because he is with his mother. She tells that John is unsettled and vulnerable therefore he needs special attention. Mary on the other hand tells that if she is so much concerned about her son she should clean the shit from the bed sheet which is perhaps the most suited job for people like her.

I don’t know what Cotton was actually noticing, he was peeing through the wall, at once Anne call him, it was then he gets nervous and answers her that he had a unsettling night last night, and he does not exactly remembers what he saw. He asks if she deigns to marry her, Anne is quite dubious and interrogates him if his love for her is not the dream. The romantic moment which the duo shares for that particular instant was quite touching, he tells that his heart is forever Anne’s and he is sure of it. I love the words he uttered meanwhile:

Cotton: “In love, I now understand Faith, and with my Faith I begin to understand Love.”

Anne: “How so?”

Cotton: “The leap, in love and in faith, the evidence will only take you so far.”

Salem Season 2 Episode 8 exclusively justifies its title, as we found the dead birds in the bed room of John. It has more than a basis for proving its title, the dead birds in the wood or the birds whose heads are always ripped by Anne.


We realize the fact that Wainwright is a firm believer of the science therefore it results to let his guard down and thus he finds himself on the witches’ sides. Mary shares secret with Wainwright in quite tricky way. It quite laughable to know that a unique action of Mary with her due innocence, and it was also interesting to see Wainwright calling the witches and Mary “Martyrs of truth.”

One of the constant miseries of the show was watching Cotton’s feeling for his father, it was really heartbreaking to see him screaming continuously until simply his dad spoofs away. The screaming of Cotton reveals that how dark the life can be at times. Although it was the result of his own doing however really panic to see this all happening around. Tituba, the other interesting character of Salem Season 2 Episode 8, tries hard to coax John Alen in order to take Puritans and witches. Although she is a good witch however she is going through a big challenge of inferiority complex. She is finally united with John and tries to seduce him.

One of the draw backs of the week’s episode is that it does not deliver too much about the Countess, given the fact that she does not really show up. Salem Season 2 Episode 8 was solid for few of the new characters who appear on the show making it terrifically beautiful show even in the absence of Lucy Lawless.

“Dead Birds” is another extra ordinary episode of your favorite show, which brings more magic, war of witches and the twists. As long as the show maintains the same level of the quality it is going to attract substantial number of viewers. How did you find Salem Season 2 Episode 8? Let us know in comments.

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