IT’S WAR’s debut EP marks the return of a vocalist singer-songwriter, Lennon Murphy, after a nearly five-year hiatus.  As some of you are aware and some of you are not, the music industry hasn’t been very kind to Ms. Murphy.  She’s had her first hit song, “My Beautiful” (aka “Where Do I Fit In”) re-recorded into nearly every genre of music and ultimately mis-marketed  by A&R reps.  Then, in 2008, she was pulled into a legal court battle for…well…using her birth name. The plaintiff?  None other than Yoko Ono. This article is not here to dwell on that matter, however.  Lennon has moved on and so shall we. If you wish to know more, Google. This article is, instead, here to discuss the resulting aftershock of what she has gone through in her life and career; a 5-song EP filled with melody, energy, rage and an aftertaste of revenge.  IT’S WAR is more than this, though.  The collaboration with Frank Shooflar is a bold statement that Lennon is back and the Lzzy Hales and Maria Brinks of the world should take notice.


The opening track “Bitterness” seems to be an angry retort to those who attempted to rip her dreams and aspirations right out of her hands, as well as the losses she has endured.  The lyrics spit off of her tongue like pure venom.  IT’S WAR is a clown car stuffed with confessional verses, hard rock energy and hooks so deep they will make your head spin.  The lead single, “Heart” is an arena sized anthem with a video featuring animated, chimeric animals performing the song. The lyrics again delve into the song’s titular heart breaking and our obsessions with what we desire, a subject many of us can relate to. Lennon has a gift with her prose that many modern song writers have forgotten how to utilize.

While the subjects that Lennon covers (resent, regret, heartache) are found within many other bands of the genres, she finds a way to make it work. With a vocal style that I would best describe is the sharpness of Pat Benatar meets the cadence of Ian Astbury, Lennon takes a stand, forcing her way back into the limelight that should’ve been hers so many years ago.


IT’S WAR’s debut EP is a quick 5-song glimpse into a woman who felt the scorn of the music industry and is ready to hit back. It’s short, quick paced and hits you like a million bee stings and is readily available on iTunes. If you have not listened, take the time, you have it. It will be the best $4.00 you spent today. Check out IT’S WAR online here: