Finally, after a long road… the release of my debut novella, Good Boy, is upon us. Black Friday, 11/29/19, you can pre-order it. Tuesday 12/17/19 it hits bookshelves.

It’s my hope you all enjoy the story of a pack of Jack Russell Terriers and their animal friends as they endure to survive during a zombie apocalypse.

Good Boy is the first in a trilogy. I plan to release one a year over the next three. The next book is scheduled to be called GOOD GIRL.

This wouldn’t be a thing without the guidance of Lisa Vasquez at Stitched Smile Publications. To this woman, my mentor, I am grateful. I can’t forget Garrett Cook, either. He didn’t work on Good Boy, but he did work on me and how I write – so his influence is all over the words, too. Also, the artists involved with the project: Jeff Perdziak and Cayentano Valenzuela,  a pair of gentlemen who brought my story to visual life. And finally, my editors, Erin SweetAl-Mehairi and Donelle Pardee Whiting – thank you ladies for making sense of my words.