Here are my books you can get for less than a dollar during the coronavirus pandemic! Click on the cover pictures and they will take you to the Amazon link so you can download the eBook for $.99!

My short story collection, A BOOK OF LIGHT AND SHADOW, featuring 30 years of my fiction, including the stories I wrote for the Alternate Hilarities line from the former Strange Musings Press. 

Armand Rosalmilia, the author of DYING DAYS, says A BOOK OF LIGHT AND SHADOW is “An interesting and eclectic collection of short stories.”

My debut novella from Stitched Smile Publications… GOOD BOY: A Tale of Survival Horror. It’s an adventure unlike any you’ve read before, as an intrepid Jack Russell Terrier leads a diverse fellowship of animal companions to a new home during a plague outbreak. Look at what some notable names in the horror industry have said about GOOD BOY:


“It’s Watership Down by George Romero” Brian Keene – Author of The Rising & The Complex


“Imagine The Plague Dogs in a zombie apocalypse.” Garrett Cook – Author of CRISIS BOY


And as soon as this damn plague ends, we’ll get my next novella, BELLA’S BOYS, out for you!

Enjoy and leave me a review, good bad or indifferent, I don’t care!