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#StitchedSaturday March 28th

The Stitched Saturday Writing prompts are back! This one is due for next Saturday…

Stitched Smile Publications

Artist info soon

Rules to participate:

Please read the rules carefully. We want everyone to be able to participate and to do that we need order.

Word Count: do not exceed 1000 words

Send to: Stories should be e-mailed to stitchedsaturday(at) with author’s name, “about me”, any links you want to share, and if you have one please share an author pic. If you are not ask author, do this for fun. We’d like to know more about you!

Comment: please comment on there stories and show your appreciation. A simple, “great read” or, “thanks!” will do. Liking and sharing the post helps us as well. You’re getting a free story, share the wealth.

Try to only send me one, clean copy of your story. Sending multiples because you forgot to fix something end up confusing and bogs down my email.

Have fun. Show off your talent. Encourage one another.

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Top 10 Pandemic Entertainment Essentials

In the wake of the recent Pandemic surrounding the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19, I've compiled my Top Pandemic Entertainment Essentials. Without any sports to watch or conventions to go to, we have to entertain ourselves now. Of course, this list must... Continue Reading →

Time and Space Aren’t Always Relative: The Endless and Resolution

I done went and did it. Again. For the love of God. I opened my mouth again and some outlandish shit spilled out. I’m a crazy old wizard. When will I ever learn to keep my secrets to myself? And... Continue Reading →

Good Boy

A review of Good Boy from a noted literary critic!

Bibliophilia Templum

By Thomas R Clark


If Shakespeare wrote horror …


“I bite, I shake, I pull, and I tear. It’s how I fight, and today it’s how I die.”

The brain worm plague decimated the human population, destroying civilization as man knew it. Infected animals turned into bloodthirsty killing machines, spreading the diseased worms animating their bodies.

A year later, an intrepid Jack Russell Terrier leads a diverse fellowship of animal companions struggling to stay alive in this apocalyptic world. When the safety of their lair is compromised, the motley pack embarks on a dangerous journey to find a new home.

They soon learn infected squirrels and bats aren’t the only threats in this horrifying new world, where only the cunning and strong will endure. But the biggest fight of all will be the importance of having …

A name.

Content Review

If Shakespeare wrote actual horror, it…

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The Hidden Story on the First Two Iron Maiden Albums

There’s something to be said about good art. It endures. Part of the reason it endures is people can find multiple interpretations and meanings within the art. Iron Maiden?  They're fucking art. I was TODAY old when I finally put... Continue Reading →

Seeing No Evil With Jen and Sylvia Soska

Sorry I disappeared for a week.  Last week, as some of you may know, was the anniversary of Dad's passing. I didn't feel very productive. But it's passed, and I'm back. I told you the interviews were coming. And Jesus,... Continue Reading →

Everything Old is New Again… or It’s 1974 Redux

Six years ago I started a column series for This Is Infamous, wherein I compared the geekdom of today to that of the early '70s. On the cusp of a new Star Wars film, more Transformers and Planet of the... Continue Reading →

Interview With The Trash Panda

One of the highlights of my tenure at This Is Infamous was my interview with a raccoon. "A Raccoon? Tom? Really?" "Yes, a raccoon." Enter Oreo Raccoon, whom fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Guardians of the Galaxy know... Continue Reading →

A Few Words With Alex Vincent

The first ScareAcon I covered for This Is Infamous led me to a slew of interviews in the horror industry. Most important was my Blair Witch Project 15th Anniversary feature. But I talked to a plethora of horror actors and... Continue Reading →

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