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Good Boy

Finally, after a long road... the release of my debut novella, Good Boy, is upon us. Black Friday, 11/29/19, you can pre-order it. Tuesday 12/17/19 it hits bookshelves. It's my hope you all enjoy the story of a pack of... Continue Reading →

#StitchedSaturday writing prompt for 08.17.19

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#StitchedSaturday 08/10/2019

Here’s the #StitchedSaturday writing prompt for this week… featuring my flash piece, a twist on the myth of Davy Jones… “Guardian.”

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Here is your prompt for #StitchedSaturday

Write a story in less than 750 words using the image above in the COMMENTS. Make sure you SHARE the link so others can read it and please make sure you LIKE this post.

Artist Credit Below:

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#StitchedSaturday 6.29.19

Check out this week's #StitchedSaturday 6.29.19 entries!

#StitchedSaturday – June 22, 2019

I wrote one of the stories in the comments!

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This Saturday’s writing prompt:

Max Word Count: 500

Min Word Count: 300

Using the image below, tell us a story. Then share the post and get others to choose their faves or participate with their own contribution!

(Picture credit:

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#StitchedSaturday – June 22, 2019

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Game of Thrones And Elric: The Influence of Michael Moorcock on TV’s Most Popular Show

Why do I love George RR Martin's Game of Thrones? From the first episode right through to the very end? From the first page of the first volume through to what Martin hasn't completed yet? I'll tell you why. Part... Continue Reading →

Prophecy Riddles, Survival Horror, and the Brilliance of The Battle of Winterfell

“Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil, is rightwise king born.” “A child will be born from the Force and will bring balance to it.” Prophecies. They’re at the heart of a plethora of classic stories. The... Continue Reading →

Kelli Owen’s White Picket Fences gets a

Kelli Owen's White Picket Fences gets a review. I can't wait for MY books to get reviews.

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