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Re-Hacking: The Appeal of Warrens and the Birth of the Conjuring Franchise

I wrote this one for Project iRadio back when THE CONJURING 2 came to the big screen. It’s no secret how I feel about Ed and Lorraine Warren and their bullshit, #hacks. Ed was a sexual abuser and Lorraine was... Continue Reading →

THE LEGEND OF TARZAN: The Lord Of The Stereotypes and How to Retool an Icon 

Here's one of the few articles I published on Project iRadio's page during our tenure with the failed podcasting network. It a review/op-ed of the Tarzan film to come out that year. I got to talk to Joe R. Lansdale... Continue Reading →

Time and Space Aren’t Always Relative: The Endless and Resolution

I done went and did it. Again. For the love of God. I opened my mouth again and some outlandish shit spilled out. I’m a crazy old wizard. When will I ever learn to keep my secrets to myself? And... Continue Reading →

Seeing No Evil With Jen and Sylvia Soska

Sorry I disappeared for a week.  Last week, as some of you may know, was the anniversary of Dad's passing. I didn't feel very productive. But it's passed, and I'm back. I told you the interviews were coming. And Jesus,... Continue Reading →

Why Sucker Punch Is Smarter Than You!

The first op/ed piece I wrote for This Is Infamous some six and a half years ago, now, was the result of a challenge. Billy The Kidd Donnelly, the site's owner, and editor,  hosted a movie review podcast. And he... Continue Reading →

2020, the Year of Hindsight and How 13 Minutes UNDERWATER Can Make a Difference

It’s a new year, the year of hindsight… 2020, and with it comes another promise from me to blog more. As much as I enjoy critiquing movies on The Necrocasticon, my reviewing roots lie within the written word. So expect... Continue Reading →

A Quiet Place, Jim and the Smell of Home

John Krasinski's third directorial outing and first genre film, A QUIET PLACE, has taken America by storm. The survival horror film, focusing on a family living in fear of someTHING in a post apocalyptic Adirondack mountains setting, has been able... Continue Reading →

Close Encounters of the Mythological Kind

There are two constants on entertainment, and both contribute to a property's overall appeal. One: Great art has many different interpretations, and two: Great stories transcend genres. I got to see Annihilation this past week. Alex Garland's adaptation of Jeff... Continue Reading →

Nightmare on Elmo Street "Nightmare on Elmo Street" is the latest creation brought forth from the mind of indy flimmaker and "King of the B Movies," Bill Zebub. Bill Zebub is a metalhead, a magazine editor, a radio personality, a social commentator and... Continue Reading →

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