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I remember seeing the first James Cameron TERMINATOR film as a young man, 17 years old. We had heard the scuttle on the film, mind you this is an era with instant news and the internet, and advance word through... Continue Reading →

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Starlord & Raptors

They say in advertising that if you have a boxom, bikini clad lass holding a baby and walking a puppy dog that you can sell people deep-fried cat shit and they won’t care.  Why?  Because the advertising had a sexy,... Continue Reading →

WE ARE STILL HERE: HP Lovecraft and the Taste of Snow

If there is something I hate about most modern movies, it's winter. You see, growing up in the North East, you know snow. You simply know everything about it. You are as intimate with it as you would be with... Continue Reading →

Slish, Slash, It’s a Blood Bath! A Look At The Slasher Sub-Genre

Chapter 2 of The Necrocasticon aired last night, and if you missed it, you missed out.  Check out the show here On the horror side this week, the guys talked slasher films, so I'm taking this opportunity to take a... Continue Reading →

George Miller, Heavy Metal & the Simplicity of Story

The weekend box office has come in and PITCH PERFFECT made something like $70 million. A pop song singing fest with mass broad appeal, it edged out the weekend's second place offering by just over $25 mill, MAD MAX: FURY... Continue Reading →

Celluloid and Cenobites: The Cinematic History of Clive Barker

The first chapter of The Necrocasticon has cracked open, and like Pinhead's puzzle box, deliciously horrible things were unleashed upon the world.  Token Tom and the gang discussed the HP Lovecraft of Generation X, Clive Barker. This will be a... Continue Reading →

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