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The Hidden Story on the First Two Iron Maiden Albums

There’s something to be said about good art. It endures. Part of the reason it endures is people can find multiple interpretations and meanings within the art. Iron Maiden?  They're fucking art. I was TODAY old when I finally put... Continue Reading →

Ghost Prequelle: A Rainbow Rising

Ring-a-ring o' rosies, A pocket full of posies, Ashes, ashes, We all fall down... Prequelle, Ghost's latest opus, is a Baroquian masterpiece ripe with enough medieval imagery and hooks to make Ritchie Blackmore jealous. The band's fourth full length release... Continue Reading →

Breaking Benjamin Goes Crazier For DARK BEFORE DAWN

Often, when a band takes a long hiatus, their return to the recording world isn't relevant. Or good. Generally this is because they stopped taking drugs, their time off attributed to legal issues surrounding them or a loss of a... Continue Reading →

Death Metal Essentials by Walt Hades and The Maxx Axe

If you want to combine Horror with metal, then look no further than Mortician. This Yonkers, NY based death metal group has everything every good-hearted metal/horror fan could want; aggressive songs, brutal lyrics sung in true death form and an... Continue Reading →


  IT'S WAR's debut EP marks the return of a vocalist singer-songwriter, Lennon Murphy, after a nearly five-year hiatus.  As some of you are aware and some of you are not, the music industry hasn't been very kind to Ms. Murphy.  She's... Continue Reading →

Essential Doom Metal, My Favorite Albums Of The Genre

Doom Metal is an extreme genre of Heavy Metal, with the foundation for it set by the Black Sabbath....who pretty much set the foundation for all things metal.  Pioneer Doom Metal bands such as Candlemass, Saint Vitus and Trouble rose... Continue Reading →

5 Metal Albums of 2015 That You Should Be Listening To……

We're about halfway through the year and there have been a good amount of good albums that have been unleashed upon the "metal world".  Here are five albums released this year that I have enjoyed immensely and I honestly feel... Continue Reading →

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