A fictional history for The Necrocasticon


After fading into legend and obscurity over three decades, in spring 2015 the pages of what have became known as the Necrocasticon resurface in a flea market in Upstate New York, near the Canadian border. They are purchased by an undisclosed journalist... Continue Reading →


Almost immediately after being purchased, the sinister pages resurface. Director John Landis acquires the pages to inspire him during the filming of his segment on the TWILIGHT ZONE movie adaptation. In July, actor Vic Morrow and two young actors are... Continue Reading →


More pages from the mysterious grimoire immediately resurface in the possession of John "Sid Vicious" Beverly at the time of his death early that year. It is rumored he was attempting to utilize the book in an effort to resurrect... Continue Reading →


Pages from a mysterious occult text, seen throughout this historical narrative, are found in the Jungle Room of Graceland with the dead Elvis Presley. He is discovered hanging from the ceiling by his intestines. In fear that public knowledge of... Continue Reading →


We see the end of a two year legal battle over custody of The Black Crystal Skull when the relic is sequestered from the Smithsonian by the Bloom Estate in early November. The Estate executor, Joey Allen, returns to his... Continue Reading →


While investigating the crash of flight N3794N in February, CAB officials discover the rusted remains of a car, submerged in the frozen waters of a creek outside of Clear Lake, Iowa. Inside the car are two bodies and The Black... Continue Reading →


As the war in Europe winds down, President Truman closes the door on the United States government's involvement in occult matters. Dozens of artifacts are returned to museums and their respective owners. The Black Crystal Skull disappears from an Army... Continue Reading →


In an effort to beat the Germans in the race for occult artifacts, the United States government seizes the Black Crystal Skull from the Bloom Estate. Scientists discover radio waves emitting from the skull. This is what they heard...


During a missionary trip to the jungles of Bolivia, Dr. Donald Bloom and his assistant, young Joey Allen, discover archaic Incan manuscripts, leading them to a lost temple, hidden underground in the ancient city of Pumapunku. It is there they... Continue Reading →

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