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Tom's books are now for sale on Amazon, and we've got tab for you on our home page! It's a direct link to Tom's Amazon Author Page! And Tom also has a listing on!   So even though the... Continue Reading →


NEW FICTION BY THOMAS R CLARK A Grave Apart By Thomas R Clark (c) 2020 1: OMENS   Blood flowed through the streets of Wrath Creek, and the shootist rode upon its wake. Above him, the high noon sun shined.... Continue Reading →

Butter Bars – An Original Short Story by Thomas R Clark

    Butter Bars By Thomas R Clark © 2020 By Thomas R. Clark All Rights Reserved. Don’t Pirate my free story, ya dirty bastards!   A trio of soldiers in full battle dress, holding M4 Carbines, moves with precision... Continue Reading →

Re-Hacking: The Appeal of Warrens and the Birth of the Conjuring Franchise

I wrote this one for Project iRadio back when THE CONJURING 2 came to the big screen. It’s no secret how I feel about Ed and Lorraine Warren and their bullshit, #hacks. Ed was a sexual abuser and Lorraine was... Continue Reading →


Here are my books you can get for less than a dollar during the coronavirus pandemic! Click on the cover pictures and they will take you to the Amazon link so you can download the eBook for $.99! My short... Continue Reading →

Batman, Diversity in the Face of Toxic Fandom, and Becky Cloonan

The reboot of DC comics was hot when the New 52 came out, and led to big changes in the industry. One included the time ever the regular Batman title was drawn by a… GHAST… woman. Her name is Becky... Continue Reading →

Tales From Beyond the Pale Revisited

The Coronavirus continues to spread, it's snowing, and I've got a blog to share some things with you all this week. One of the features I wrote for Rue Morgue, and gave back to them too late, was for Larry... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Pandemic Entertainment Essentials

In the wake of the recent Pandemic surrounding the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19, I've compiled my Top Pandemic Entertainment Essentials. Without any sports to watch or conventions to go to, we have to entertain ourselves now. Of course, this list must... Continue Reading →

Time and Space Aren’t Always Relative: The Endless and Resolution

I done went and did it. Again. For the love of God. I opened my mouth again and some outlandish shit spilled out. I’m a crazy old wizard. When will I ever learn to keep my secrets to myself? And... Continue Reading →

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