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The Hidden Story on the First Two Iron Maiden Albums

There’s something to be said about good art. It endures. Part of the reason it endures is people can find multiple interpretations and meanings within the art. Iron Maiden?  They're fucking art. I was TODAY old when I finally put... Continue Reading →

Seeing No Evil With Jen and Sylvia Soska

Sorry I disappeared for a week.  Last week, as some of you may know, was the anniversary of Dad's passing. I didn't feel very productive. But it's passed, and I'm back. I told you the interviews were coming. And Jesus,... Continue Reading →

Everything Old is New Again… or It’s 1974 Redux

Six years ago I started a column series for This Is Infamous, wherein I compared the geekdom of today to that of the early '70s. On the cusp of a new Star Wars film, more Transformers and Planet of the... Continue Reading →

Interview With The Trash Panda

One of the highlights of my tenure at This Is Infamous was my interview with a raccoon. "A Raccoon? Tom? Really?" "Yes, a raccoon." Enter Oreo Raccoon, whom fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Guardians of the Galaxy know... Continue Reading →

A Few Words With Alex Vincent

The first ScareAcon I covered for This Is Infamous led me to a slew of interviews in the horror industry. Most important was my Blair Witch Project 15th Anniversary feature. But I talked to a plethora of horror actors and... Continue Reading →

Blood Meridian Cormac McCarthy and the Use of Metaphor

Whenever I get bored I know I can stir up shit by making a bold statement. It creates interaction on social media and tends to be harmless. Unless you say something along the lines of this. THE ROAD is a... Continue Reading →

Everything Dungeons & Dragons Is New Again

Has it really been 5, almost 6 years since D&D got its current edition? Here's the article I wrote on the venerable game when 5th Edition hit... This game molded me like no other mentor. It taught me how to... Continue Reading →

KONG: SKULL ISLAND & Franchise Titles: To Name Or Number?

A little more than 6 years ago, shortly after Comic Con 2014, Legendary shifted direction and changed the title of one of their upcoming releases... which led to this op/ed on movie franchises and the titles chosen for the films.... Continue Reading →

Flashback review: Brian Keene’s The Complex

A few years ago I took up a mentorship through the HWA at Rue Morgue. It was a great experience, I worked with Monica S. Kuebler as my mentor, and learned how to hone my craft. Covering Scares That Care... Continue Reading →

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