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Seeing No Evil With Jen and Sylvia Soska

Sorry I disappeared for a week.  Last week, as some of you may know, was the anniversary of Dad's passing. I didn't feel very productive. But it's passed, and I'm back. I told you the interviews were coming. And Jesus,... Continue Reading →

Everything Old is New Again… or It’s 1974 Redux

Six years ago I started a column series for This Is Infamous, wherein I compared the geekdom of today to that of the early '70s. On the cusp of a new Star Wars film, more Transformers and Planet of the... Continue Reading →

Interview With The Trash Panda

One of the highlights of my tenure at This Is Infamous was my interview with a raccoon. "A Raccoon? Tom? Really?" "Yes, a raccoon." Enter Oreo Raccoon, whom fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Guardians of the Galaxy know... Continue Reading →

A Few Words With Alex Vincent

The first ScareAcon I covered for This Is Infamous led me to a slew of interviews in the horror industry. Most important was my Blair Witch Project 15th Anniversary feature. But I talked to a plethora of horror actors and... Continue Reading →

Blood Meridian Cormac McCarthy and the Use of Metaphor

Whenever I get bored I know I can stir up shit by making a bold statement. It creates interaction on social media and tends to be harmless. Unless you say something along the lines of this. THE ROAD is a... Continue Reading →

Everything Dungeons & Dragons Is New Again

Has it really been 5, almost 6 years since D&D got its current edition? Here's the article I wrote on the venerable game when 5th Edition hit... This game molded me like no other mentor. It taught me how to... Continue Reading →

KONG: SKULL ISLAND & Franchise Titles: To Name Or Number?

A little more than 6 years ago, shortly after Comic Con 2014, Legendary shifted direction and changed the title of one of their upcoming releases... which led to this op/ed on movie franchises and the titles chosen for the films.... Continue Reading →

Flashback review: Brian Keene’s The Complex

A few years ago I took up a mentorship through the HWA at Rue Morgue. It was a great experience, I worked with Monica S. Kuebler as my mentor, and learned how to hone my craft. Covering Scares That Care... Continue Reading →

Battlestar Galactica… Then, Now, Forever. So Say We All…

If you know me, you know my love for Battlestar Galactica. I wrote the following piece to commemorate the show's 35th anniversary... some 6 years ago. It's hard to believe this show is now going on 42 years old! I... Continue Reading →

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