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A Quiet Place, Jim and the Smell of Home

John Krasinski's third directorial outing and first genre film, A QUIET PLACE, has taken America by storm. The survival horror film, focusing on a family living in fear of someTHING in a post apocalyptic Adirondack mountains setting, has been able... Continue Reading →

How to integrate the FOX Marvel Universe into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

It's done. We finally got that shit cup cake merger of FOX and Disney. The near monopoly on what we watch and how we watch it has presented a decided split in the creative communities. The typical consumer sees this... Continue Reading →

The Story Behind The Necrocasticon Presents: Hallowed Ground

What you are about to listen to is 30 some odd years in the making. Teenage Tom watched Night of the Comet and a story started brewing in his head. The basic premise, some celestial event causes most of the... Continue Reading →


Game of Thrones has been, without a doubt, one of THE best shows on television. A standard bearer in our platinum age of TV, the George RR Martin HBO adaption is one of the network's biggest money makers. It's IMDB's... Continue Reading →

Full Circle

I want to take a walk down memory lane with you, today, if you don't mind, dear reader. There's a reason we're taking this trip, and when you get to the end, you'll shake your head in as much disbelief... Continue Reading →

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, or How to Make Tom Cry Like a…

James Gunn kicked me in the balls this weekend. He didn't do it to me, intentionally. Shit, he doesn't even know me, let alone who I am. Well, I can't say that, he is aware that I exist. I interviewed... Continue Reading →

What Gives, Man?

I've got this blog and I don't use it. I mean, it's here, I've always had it. I pay for the domain name and the fancy template. Yet, I don't use it. Why? Is it a victim of the 115... Continue Reading →


NO COMMENTS YET?  HOW ABOUT WE UP THE ANTE! Who likes free stuff? We've got a Necrocasticon prize package to give out, featuring: A rare, worn paperback copy of THE KILL RIFF from David J. Schow, one of the seminal... Continue Reading →

“I Only Need One, Mr. Bond”

My Dad and I love James Bond movies. It is one of the film series that we have bonded over, no pun intended, throughout the years. Now, I'm not old enough to really remember seeing any of Sean Connery's Bonds... Continue Reading →

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