KONG: SKULL ISLAND & Franchise Titles: To Name Or Number?

A little more than 6 years ago, shortly after Comic Con 2014, Legendary shifted direction and changed the title of one of their upcoming releases... which led to this op/ed on movie franchises and the titles chosen for the films.... Continue Reading →

Flashback review: Brian Keene’s The Complex

A few years ago I took up a mentorship through the HWA at Rue Morgue. It was a great experience, I worked with Monica S. Kuebler as my mentor, and learned how to hone my craft. Covering Scares That Care... Continue Reading →

Battlestar Galactica… Then, Now, Forever. So Say We All…

If you know me, you know my love for Battlestar Galactica. I wrote the following piece to commemorate the show's 35th anniversary... some 6 years ago. It's hard to believe this show is now going on 42 years old! I... Continue Reading →

Why Sucker Punch Is Smarter Than You!

The first op/ed piece I wrote for This Is Infamous some six and a half years ago, now, was the result of a challenge. Billy The Kidd Donnelly, the site's owner, and editor,  hosted a movie review podcast. And he... Continue Reading →

Is Paranormal Investigation Science Or A Fading Fad?

I love doing hard, feature journalism. Today's blog post a fine example of me at my best. Six years ago I took a trip to Niagara Falls and visited with notable professionals in the Paranormal Investigation community... to find out... Continue Reading →

And The Next Great Zombie Live Action Adaptation Should Be…

One of my early op/ed pieces for THIS IS INFAMOUS. Judging from the second paragraph, this 7-year-old piece was published in tandem with the release of the film version of WWZ...   The zombie craze is at an all-time high... Continue Reading →

2020, the Year of Hindsight and How 13 Minutes UNDERWATER Can Make a Difference

It’s a new year, the year of hindsight… 2020, and with it comes another promise from me to blog more. As much as I enjoy critiquing movies on The Necrocasticon, my reviewing roots lie within the written word. So expect... Continue Reading →

Good Boy

Finally, after a long road... the release of my debut novella, Good Boy, is upon us. Black Friday, 11/29/19, you can pre-order it. Tuesday 12/17/19 it hits bookshelves. It's my hope you all enjoy the story of a pack of... Continue Reading →

#StitchedSaturday writing prompt for 08.17.19

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